Hearthstones Grand tournament coming this August for Android, iOS, PC


Game lover, here is a good piece of news. The popular video game developer, ‘Blizzard Entertainment’ recently announced an expansion to card battler ‘Heart: Heroes of Warcraft’. The expansion will be a huge or say a Grand Tournament, which will be available soon. The Grand Tournament stick to its name ‘Grand’. The Tournament will bring around 132 new cards, it will also introduce new weapons, characters and new spells.


It will be biggest news with surely great expansion. Some new cards have already revealed on the official website, each day a new card will be introduced till the game is officially launched. The game has introduced a new theme called ‘tournament themed’.The Grand tournament is set to release in August 2015. It will be compatible on nearly all platforms like Android, iOS devices, Mac and Windows. An official date is yet to be revealed for the launch of the game. One more bonus will be added with this release, by next week players can purchase bundle of card packs for 49.99$. Purchasing few cards might benefit you or give a great deal in coming time!

Are you super excited to utilize the Hero Power? A surprise point to note is you can also check the new ‘Inspire’ keyword on board with minions. Several new effects and graphics have been added to the game which adds more charm.