Google Will use AMP HTML to load pages faster


Now-a-days, Tablets and Smartphone have revolutionized the way we gather information. Many people are switching to only Smartphone for accessing information. Several Publishers find Mobile as a great source to reach huge masses. But each time a visitor surf through his Smartphone, the webpage takes a long time to toad on the device. With such long time, they either lose audience or opportunity to attract more and more visitors for earning good amount of revenue. It’s because advertiser faces hard time to get user due to its slow loading time.

Google Lpgo

Recently, after a conversation with technology and publisher from around the world, a new initiative is being launched which is open source called as ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’. This Accelerated Mobile Page aims to improve performance of web on mobile. The rich content, animations, graphics and other smart ads should also load instantly. There should be a code, which works smoothly on all kinds of platforms no matter what kind of Smartphone or tablet user has!

AMP HTML is a new open framework which works smoothly and allows to build light weight page for mobile web. With such initiative, around 30-new publishers from around the globe are participating in this. Twitter, LinkedIn, Adone Analytics, Chartbeat, Pinterest, are few groups planning to integrate AMP HTML pages. In coming months, these publishers are integrating this technology.

Let’s expect this Accelerated Mobile Page will protect and also ensure fast loading.