Google wants you to know what you’re clicking on


There is no doubt that Google knows a lot about their users and in general, we can say that Google knows a lot regarding internet. This is the reason that Google is on top in the list of various search engines and there are very less chances that any other search engine can replace or beat Google. Google want to share this information/knowledge regarding web with their users and they have discovered a new method for it.

Google Drive

All websites information is collected from the Google’s Knowledge Graph. Some of the websites which are checked by Engadget confirmed that data is retrieved from Wikipedia. so it will be wrong to think that new brief background check is accurate up to 100%. There are many websites for which google is not providing additional information. Google gives more information about the websites which are widely recognized as notable online. This is recognized in accordance with the company’s blog post announcing the new capability.

As we told, For some of the websites Google provides very limited information but then also those information is clear enough to help you to decide whether to click on search link or not. So in short, Google wants you to know what you’re clicking on. Google have also promised that as they increase knowledge graph, amount of information will also increase accordingly.