Google wallet a brief look


With the word Wallet it more sounds something that can be used to store money. If you are thinking this, then you are not completely wrong. Google has come up with very different idea this time. Google Wallet a free digital wallet. This wallet will be more secure to store your credit cards, debit cards and so. With this wallet you can buy or sell. Making online purchases, selling online or making online transaction will be easier with this Google wallet.

The Google wallet can also be used to spend on purchases in Google stores or you can also withdraw cash from ATM. This Wallet seems to be more advanced than our usual wallet. Just to make this work, all you need to do is start with Google Wallet app. This app will allow getting discounts, loyalty program and one can also send money through email address. Sounds more interesting now!

Google Wallet

The benefits of Google wallet are seriously huge. With this you can not only used this for loyalty card system, but you can make this swipe also in chain of other outlets. All that is required in this is your phone just to make payment. Isna��t this a fabulous idea? Now you must be wondering how Google wallet works? Let me give you rough idea on this. Just by tapping on reader at payment point on retailera��s side on your phone you can make transaction. But this needs special hardware with retailer to make this work. This technology is known as Near Field Communication or (NFC).

Google is all up to introduce a new change in market. The only change will be, unlike card in your wallet, your phone will protect your plastic money cards with pin numbers. Isna��t that great! I am seriously waiting when this will be available to us.