Google to shutdown Schemer service


It was in news that Google is going to shut down their goal-sharing service, Schemer. Now google has finally confirmed shut down of Schemer. They had launched this service in beta over two years ago in 2011. Schemer was started with the aim that users will be able to share goals and also discuss it with other members so that they will get to learn and sharpen their goal with other’s experience. They can also follow other schemers who all have already done the similar thing.

Google schemer

At start, they kept schemer as invite-only one but it was not able to get attention of people it leads to less transactions as expected. All the signed in users will get the message as given so that they can download their schemes. You can download your schemes on or before 7th February 2014and if you failed to do that then it will be removed permanently. With this message, there is a button with caption “Email me my scheme” and clicking on this button will send your email on your email. There are many users who want to scheme and for those users, Google suggests to make use of ‘Explore’ section from Google Maps. You can also use Field Trip app and get the interesting things to do around you.

On google’s official Enterprise blog, they declared that Google drive is updated and it has ‘activity stream’ feature added to it. This new update will start rollout from 14th january 2014. After this update, you will get to see a button with caption ‘i’ on top right corner. If you press this button then it will open activity stream and from there you can see all the activities done on shared files and folders. This new service from google will help users to review each action done with their shared files and folders. Activities that users can perform on shared files and folders are moving or removing, renaming, uploading or adding, sharing or unsharing, editing or commenting. If you want then you can also get the activities in detail for any file/folder. You can visit Google drive support page for further detail of activity stream feature.