Google does not think android phone needs an antivirus


Google has recently claimed that their Android phones dona��t need any kind of antivirus or protection. Our way of crafting the applications for Android is far different than rest of the operating systems. The Android Security head mentioned that Android OS is designed in such a manner that the antivirus and protection applications cana��t give you any protection, no matter how sophisticated the Antivirus is, it will be useless n majority of Android devices. He warned that instead of wasting your money on buying anti viruses, you should spend it on something else because here ita��s getting wasted. He carried on his statement and added that Android applications are highly purified and refined before being posting on Google Play Store. Also the misbehaviour of Android application during installation is considerably low.

Android Virus Antivirus


Therea��s a lot of difference between Android operating Systems and desktop operating system, and he assured that you will never see a malicious application from Android. He also highlighted the upcoming projects of Google while he was having a conversation with journalists at Mountain View Headquarters a day before the commencement of Android I/O 2014. He laid focus on advancing Android operating system from Smartphonea��s to TVs, cars and other gadgets. He also slammed Tim Cook by saying that the other operating Systems produce the number of malicious programs ever present in store but they never say how many persons were affected by those applications. The users of Android have themselves chosen to use different Anti viruses otherwise Google doesna��t need them. Our focus is always paid towards promoting bug free and safe application in our Store. Ita��s just a confusion created in the minds of people that Android is a very malicious operating system otherwise therea��s nothing like this.

The 99 percent of Antivirus users on Android phones will get zero benefit from them he assured. People should understand that they dona��t need anything to protect, Android super vision is always safeguarding their Store. The only benefits you can get from those anti viruses is the warnings they give you sometimes on showing threat, this will maintain a consciousness in people. He also said that Android is staying this thing since a long period of time. After the launch of a�?charlants and Scammersa�? by an Android engineer in 2011 he criticised Android for being the most malicious operating system. This was not any virus but a bug which was filtered then and these developers are just tricking people for buying their Anti viruses. They are causing threat to the people and people start giving them loads of money and start using those anti viruses. This is what they want, otherwise therea��s no need of Antivirus in our platform. People should get out of this night mare of virus when it comes to Android. He also make it clear that latest version of Android is the safest version of Android so ita��s better to stay updated to the latest version of Android.