Google slashes price of Apps in India


You wona��t believe in this great piece of news! Google has stepped with minimum price for the app. Yes, where the world is heading toward inflation ladder, Google is trying to reach numerous users through minimum cost. Google has lowered its app rate to the minimum mark. Yes, this time it has stated that the minimum purchase price for an app under Google Play Store will be 10 INR in India. This sounds like an unbelievable piece of story.

Google Play

As India is a growing with its vast skills and continues to be one of the huge country with highest Smartphone users. India is growing with several companies, Google wanted to be very much sure to reach new audience and attract more users. As Android is gathering more fame and capturing more demand, the apps are also releasing more and more. The Developera��s are decreasing its price of both in-app and app purchase to reach global audience.
If you are a developer and reading the post, you can jump to your developing comfort and check for distribution and Pricing or In-App Product which will appear in the left menu. From this section one can lower the price to 10INR or so.