Google Security Hub addresses privacy concern


My Account is the new hub that Google launched, it was announced last week in the event of Google I/O 2015. This new hub is a new set of security and privacy tools. My Account yields the user of Google, the chance to review and manage their security settings. Google account owners will be able to access this new hub from Monday onwards.The users of this new hub My Account are able to take the privacy check-up as well as the security check-up to ensure that their account is as per their expectation.

Google Lpgo

My Account enables the users to control the ads as per their choice and also can determine which apps and sites can connect to their account. This also gives the access to the information that is otherwise accessible through Google services. Those users who intend to keep their private information in privacy away from the others are definitely going to like this new hub. While launching this new hub, Google has also bought a new page for those who are new and have problems understanding the new system. Google has also launched the new page at,com. This will resolve all the queries that may arise. This page also clarifies the way Google collect information and how it is kept safe.

The new hub keeps the track of the search made on Google by the users also keep the records of usage of Google Maps to obtain directions as well as the videos watched on YouTube by their users. Google has quoted that they gather this information based on the activity of the users to make services better. An interesting aspect is that Google is also taking care of the desktop users also along with the Mobile users.