Google Glass like commands comes to Android search via update


Google Search app is already very famous and useful and now they are adding new features to their app to make it more useful. Google Search app for Android has recently got update that brings voice command to search app. Now, you can use voice command for activating camera and clicking picture. According to Google’s statement on their Blog post, camera can be activated in users preferred modes as well. They were working on this update from many days and finally it is released.

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Lets understand how it will work. To use its voice command, you will just have to tap on the microphone icon which is there on search app or simply say “Ok Google” and it will run default camera app on your device. Device camera app also has voice commands. You can simply say ‘take a picture’ and it will launch camera app in camera mode. If you say ‘Record a video’ then it will open app in video mode. So you dont need to navigate through menu. Here is google’s statement on Google+, “Now with the Google Search App on Android, you can just tap the microphone or say “OK Google”, then “take a photo” or “take a video.”

There is one more very interesting feature included into it as ‘listen to TV’ which works similar to Shazam. If you failed to notice name of the song then you can simply open Google Search app and say “Listen to TV” by taping on mic icon. As you do that, it will show you title, artist and some additional information for the same. Apart from this, it will also provide SwiftKey-like abilities for stock Android Keyboard. It is set as default but if you want then you can change it from Google Keyboard settings menu. It is again a very useful feature because it will figure out and saves your typing habits, lingo, preferred words, etc so that you can get suggestions accordingly.