Google Brillo to power low end power device


As per the latest information, there is new software developed by the company Google. This new software which is termed as “Brillo” and the software is capable of running on the low powered devices, the software also enables the users to communicate with other nearby devices that are connected with each other. But in next week at the Google’s I/O conference, this new software is likely to be launched under Android name.

Google Watch

It is not very clear how this new software may look after its launch, but this software may work on most of the major home appliances, which may range from smaller garden monitors to refrigerators. It may not be a complete operating system with apps and services right from the word go. The software is reportedly designed to operate on devices with RAM of 64 MB or even as low as 32 MB. This means that this software shall be operated on simple devices, with quite low power. This also means that the software needs a very basic operating system that works on low power.

There are many companies trying their hands on new software. Microsoft is bringing the latest version of Windows 10 meant to be operative on ATM machines, ultrasound machines and wearable. Whereas Huawei has just announced the launch of an OS which is 10 kilobytes, and meant to connect IoT gadgets. Samsung has also announced a series of chips meant for IoT devices.

This only shows that most of the big guns in tech companies are racing ahead to get at the tagline first before the others and they want to achieve the capability of connecting everyday objects.