Google Android Wear Companion App Updated


Google keeps on introducing new apps or update on previous app. This time Google has announced new updates on the Android wear platform. Emoji drawing, which is a quiet easier app to access, but an update on this is still awaited, a confirmed news of release is yet to receive. The new version of Android wear dubbed as companion app will soon land for user benefits. The new interface introduced this time has drastically improved with good material design and new features.

Google Watch

The settings have also improved. A click on setting will give a list of other general settings, then on tapping on ‘Device Setting’, you get directed to new screen. The new screen offer list of other options like ambient screen, tilt to wake and other options settings. More aesthetic settings have also added on list.The biggest beneficial change to note is cloud sync addition, which allows you to watch through Wi-Fi, this might not need strong range of phone’s network as long as the Wi-Fi strength is strong enough. Last point to note but not least one, updates allow easy pairing with multiple Android Wear and quick switching between them without going back to repairing process.