Google Android N will make App drawer Optional


Every smartphone device has a number of built in apps. The operating system makes a difference in handling them. While iOS have all the apps laid on the screen right in front, and the user has the option to put a few of them in folders and hide from sight. Android on the other hand, allows the users to display on the screen only those which are to be shown, with an option of all other apps being accessed via app drawer.

android 2

Android N App Drawer can be turned off

Both these systems have become popular in their own segment of users. Google has released a new video through Google Maps that show off various Google apps and the services offered for Android, like search, Chrome, Hangouts, Photos and Maps. This video has given speculation that the new Android N will give the users the option of disabling the app drawer. However, many of the viewers think that this is not the app drawer, but it could well be showing how Android N will be like.

However it should well be also known that Samsung and LG, have already done the same thing for their smartphones, as they have already offered an option as to whether or not the user wish to enable app drawer. Thus Google is not the only player in this field it is quite possible that Google removed this feature as it was not necessary, so it was omitted as the video is just a Mockup as compared to the actual smartphone.It would be of interest to know what the general consensus, removing the app drawer is a good idea or bad?