Google Android Marshmallow to miss out on Dark Theme


You must have heard the new dark theme, creating a buzz. Yes, the new dark theme is making its way to the developer’s desk, it was considered as an option for Android M development. But unfortunately, the dark theme was removed from the 2nd built stage. It then didn’t appear in third and final preview stage. The Android 6.0 dubbed as Marshmallows is about to land as a commercial release. But will there be an option for dark theme?

roid dark theme

Marshmallow may miss out on Dark Theme option

Google has finally stated that the dark theme will not be accompanying this release. It’s Issue 2657 Google’s Issue Tracker gave a hint of missing dark theme from the new version. Several request has been received to get back the dark theme. The dark theme in Android M with a pitch Black colour for notification centre, title bar, app drawer and so.If you are one of them, who is hoping hard to get back the dark theme, then this release will give you a bit disappointment. As this release will not have a dark theme, a number of pretty simple things are added.