Google ahead in giving up more affordable android phone


Google is looking highly concerned towards the developing markets of the nation with the aim emerging their market in the developing nations. On the occasion of Google I/O 2014, Google unveiled a new initiative with the name of Android One with the focused motive of producing affordable Smartphonea��s to the emerging nations like India. Sunder Pichai while addressing the people mentioned that currently above one billion people all over the world use Android every day. But to get the great share of marketing in developing nations we are starting this new initiative where we will produce cheapest hardware and all the essential features in a Smartphone. The Software for this Android one is going to be something different. However this hybridised software will be getting updates directly from Google.

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This program will be included with three famous Smartphone firms of India which includes Micromax, Spice and Karbonn. According to the Syntax of these Smartphonea��s provided by Google, these Smartphone will be using cheap hardware but it wona��t be affecting their quality. Firstly the $100 Smartphonea��s will be started releasing from India and latter on this program will be speeded to the rest of the emerging nation. Few days back a design of Smartphone under One project was shown off and will be released by Micromax. It will be a dual SIM Smartphone along with dual SD card slots. Besides this it will be flaunting a 4.5inch screen and an FM radio. Google has also promised to the third world that this Android One project will be given the same preference as there Nexus Smartphonea��s and Google Play Services. According to sources, since last year Smartphone growth in India has increased by 186 percent out of which 78% is contributed by less than $200 Smartphonea��s.

Every Smartphone developer is currently targeting this low budget range of India to earn huge profits. Just like Nokia low budget Asha and X series are the main targets. Google has also targeted the same path and has started this project to lead in low budget sector also. This is going to be a great rollercoaster ride for Google because it has given it all to the third party manufacturers. They have been addressed to work with ease because the hybridised software will be provided from Google; cheap hardware will also be manufactured from Google. They have taken every responsibility in their hands. The Indian Smartphone firms have to compile and sell these Smartphonea��s under their brand names. After a month or more it will be clear that whether this project will be fruitful and will produce good result or it will collapse. So far we can say that this is a nice move from Google to show commensalism with emerging nations.