Good news Nokia X can run around 75 percent of All Android Apps


We have seen many rumored images and specifications for Nokia’s Android devices. Finally Nokia have announced Nokia X, X+ and XL officially. These three devices from Nokia will run stripped-down version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It will be an Android device but you cannot access Google Services with it. Nokia have developed a proprietary application store from where you can download and install applications for your phone. Nokia is giving their full effort to attract developers towards their latest platform.

You will get to see a very fresh user interface with these devices as Nokia has changed complete UI with proprietary application store. Apart from this, they have also provided dedicated SDK and porting tools. With help of these tools, you will be able to run incompatible Android application on your phone without any problem. There are also some apps which need Google Services. Such applications will be redirected to Nokia/Microsoft analogues. Nokia is trying to give best from their new devices in every possible manner.

Nokia X Dual Sim

Nokia has already published documentation and tools so that developers will be able to submit applications apk files directly over Nokia Store. According to Nokia, there are 75% of applications which needs no change and rest of the application requires a bit modifications. Nokia has also provided one tool that will help you to determine if some particular application is compatible with your Nokia X.