Garmin Forerunner 25 comes with an in build GPS


Garmin has announced the launch of a new watch, a GPS running Watch. This watch named as the Forerunner 25. This is a multi-utility watch, which helps the user to track and commute various things such as the distance ran, the pace of running and the steps. The watch is also helpful in noting the heart rate and the burnt calories while doing the exercise.The Forerunner 25, watch also has the ability to connect with the user’s phone so that all the data regarding the pace, steps, heart rate and the utilised calories about the customer can be transferred to the phone in the Garmin app on the phone. This helps the user to keep track of all the details and load it with the free online community called Garmin Connect. The watch will also show on the screen the basic notifications from the phone.

garmin forerunner25

This watch has a battery life of 10 hours with the GPS on in the training mode, while the battery of this watch has a life of 10 weeks when the watch is in the activity tracking mode.Forerunner 25 comes in two variants in size, watch with large face has option of black / red in colour and the other option of black / blue colour. The other variant is watch with white / pink colour and other with black / purple colour. The standard version of the Forerunner 25 is priced at $ 169.99 while the watch which has a heart rate sensor is being priced at $ 199.99. The delivery of the watch shall be beginning in the 3rd quarter of 2015.