Free Basic Internet courtesy Face-book and Reliance in India


Recently in a media event in Mumbai, Facebook officials announced a piece of news. Like it’s every other news creating buzz and hitting top column of blogs, this news is also rising with high flame. Facebook announced that, the Company is teaming with biggie Reliance an Indian carrier to launch The is an initiative to make available the internet to more and more people and share their ideas and thoughts.


The plan aims to offer basic internet service on Smartphones or feature-phones. The project will primarily be launched in six-states of India. On launching the scheme in these states, then further they will be spreading its wings to get more and more states. Currently, the service will be available in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra-Pradesh. Facebook officials further stated that the project ‘’ will allow maximum user to connect to internet share their creativity and ideas.

To get benefits of this scheme, you need to be a Reliance subscribers. Being a Reliance subscriber you can access data, visit websites all you need to get is a data plan. At present, the allows to access bundle of free service like BBC News, local jobs, ESPN sports, travel, communication and so. Facebook Messenger and Facebook is also listed under free service. These services are also available in other languages like Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati and Malayalam. Let’s wait and watch what reviews Reliance gets!