Facebook might launch a Flipboard-like reader app called Paper


The Social Networking website Facebook is going to launch a news reader service to engage more people looking to catch up on news. This service is specially made for Mobile phones. According to Re/Code, This new service will be named as ‘Paper’. ‘Paper’ is a Flipboard-like reader app. there was many cancellation and redesign done for Paper and finally the service is all ready to launch. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of social networking site Facebook himself involved in Paper development.

There will be many similarities between Paper and Flipboard. There is no information that if Paper will come as standalone mobile application or a web experience for mobile devices. They have not said anything about the release date for this new service but according to re/code it is expected to be out by the end of January.

Flipboard similar app to be launched by Facebook


As we said that Paper and Flipboard are going to have many common features like Paper will also act like aggregator of content. You will also be able to see the articles from many websites like the New York Times and the Washington Post. There will also be a feature of status messages and this is a very obvious feature as the app comes from Facebook. All these things will come with in a format of newspaper and so you will get the feel of reading a newspaper. Facebook has not made it clear that whether app will be a standalone app or it will be integrated with current platform but it is expected that Paper will be available by the end of January.