Facebook introduces new Emojis: Heres How you can get Them


Coming with new Emojia��s seem to be in trend! After Whatsapp, Facebook too have introduced new Smileya��s. Now, users will not only have a�?Likea�� option but also cry, love, laugh, fume or gasp. And best of all, these Smileya��s will be working on Android and also on the desktop. Facebook has added new reactions other than a�?Likea��. For instance, if your friend posts something serious, hitting a�?Likea�� will put you in loads of problem, and since you dona��t want to push a comment and at the end you do nothing. But with recent Facebooka��s update, new reaction will be landing on your Android. Yes, beside like new shades of emotions with bright colour smileya��s which will help you to express a bit of emotion.


Facebooks new Emojis

The 6-type of reactions added are:

  • Like: A thumbs-up which we are using from ages.
  • Love: A white heart inside red circle, for something more than just like.
  • Ha-ha: An alternative for typing Ha Ha or Lol.
  • Sad: Expressing sympathy or grief.
  • Wow: Expressing good or bad ,but with a surprise expression!
  • Angry: Expressing fuming expression or distaste where no words can express your anger.

How to get Facebook reactions on Android?

Tap and hold a�?Likea�� button for needful post

Facebook reactions appear, select appropriate to express your reaction!

How to use Facebook reaction on the Web?

Move your cursor over a�?Likea�� button, a pop-up of reaction will appear. Select appropriate reaction from options.

Using these newly added reaction from Android or from Web is no difficulty.