Facebook begins test runs of Revamped profile Page


The whole world knows that today Facebook is such an important part of social media and just as we love our cell phones to have a nice update or we love installing newly updated apps it’s the same with Facebook. This time, Facebook announces a very interesting feature that will replace a motionless profile picture to a short video on your timeline. Yes it’s all about presentation now a days, whether it’s your Instagram feed or your blog or anything. Along with short videos Facebook will support temporary profile pictures that will resume back to the default profile picture after a certain period of time.


This feature was made keeping in mind that users change their profile pictures on some special occasions like holidays, festivals, to just reflect your current mood, to support a sports group etc. This whole update will give a new look and feel to the users who are very accurate about their profile presentation, there will also be a customizable space on the top of the profile which will display your qualifications, location, work and also an addition of five favourite pictures of your choice.

Moving on to mobile layouts, it is designed in such a way that the profile photo or video will be in the center of the page a bit larger in size whereas the photos and friends will be moved to the top of the page. All of this is done so that getting to know each other will be a lot easier than before. For now this feature is only available for iPhone users residing in UK and California. We will have to wait for it to reach out to every Facebook users across the world.