Expecting huge price fall after Google sold off Motorola to Lenovo


In a recent survey of all my friends, I came to a conclusion that 70% of them did not even know that Motorola even exists any more. The last ever handset of Motorola that they even remember was the Moto Razr, the slim and amazing looking one. Now Google finally sold off Motorola, is when it hit the news and people finally came to know that Google all this time had owned Motorola and now it is no more with them. Then comes another big question that if Google did own Motorola, then why didn’t Motorola did not manufacture that much amount of phones or the quality of phones that many other OEMs did?

This question has haunted many of the experts till date. Also, if Google had their own handset manufacturing team at Motorola, then why did they ever not release anything Google or Android first with Motorola? And even if they did it with their own NEXUS line of models, then why was it outsourced to say Samsung and LG and ASUS and not by Motorola, which they actually, both really and legally owned? Baffling, right? Can’t even remember how many hours I spent of my time scratching my head thinking about it that now all I find is a bald spot there now.

Lets come back to the point, it was really big news that Google, a company that is growing and continuously growing and a company that is actually hiring and buying businesses the way it is, came as actually one of the biggest shocks that they sold Motorola. Not that Motorola was actually doing really good under Google, but still, no one really ever expected Google to take this step like say ever. It brings us to the question of the day, what is the future for Motorola under Lenovo now?

Google Motorola Lenovo

Before that it’s better to get refreshed about what Lenovo is. Lenovo is actually an electronics company based in China. It has been in the market for some really good time and most importantly, it has been into making tablets and laptops and has very recently moved into the mobile arena for the past 2-3 years. Now thinking about it, does not quite make sense that since Lenovo already has a cell phones unit, why do they need to spend so many billion dollars into buying Motorola? Well, according to me, the answer is pretty simple.

Even though Lenovo has been in the business, it has not really been highly successful. In comparison small Indian companies have managed to make it big like LAVA, Micromax, etc. Maybe buying of Motorola might actually be a step in growing Lenovo’s cellular OEM department to the next level. Bringing in the expertise of the technical division as well as the huge market research of the markets in the US and Europe to take them further and grow.

Now the real question remains, is the monetary value of the product that will be coming out of the Motorola labs. Considering that Google really was not paying that much attention to the sorry state of the concern company and also its rare products that actually came out to the market were always a bit on the expensive side owing to the limited production and limited products and also because there was not much in house R&D. Everything was just everything that we had already seen before from other OEMs. With the latest, the Moto X and the Moto G, Motorola did manage to give a final burst of push before the change in management and only time will tell how good or bad does it turn out to be.

Shall we expect a fall in the prices of Motorola products? Yes, maybe. It will depend on many factors actually that is if Lenovo decide to combine their handset division with Motorola or else they will continue with both of them side by side. We know that Lenovo devices have the reputation of providing all the goodies packed in the bunch and then some more at a much more reasonable price as compared to say Samsung, Sony or even HTC. HTC maybe worthless in terms of customer service, but maybe Lenovo might combine, so that you can get your Lenovo serviced at a Motorola customer care and vice versa. That should really give them a lot of leverage in the market, which was missing till now.

Maybe the cheaper in-house products and the ability to provide something extra might provide Motorola the kick it needs to be back into the market, which it has been looking for a long time. Also if the prices come down a bit, then for sure the Motorola-Lenovo partnership might actually turn out to be a huge thorn in the road for other big players in the Android division like Samsung, Sony, HTC, etc.Who knows, since Motorola is no more with Google, they might also incorporate even say Windows Phone into their eco-system portfolio. This might bring something new and true spark to the monotonous market and this is exactly what we love the most, a good bull fight.

Overall, it should be interesting to see what the Lenovo-Motorola duo have in store for us and only time will tell. As for us and all the others, only time will tell how good, bad or neutral things might turn out to be for these two. Let’s just hope that Motorola does not have to suffer more by exchanging more hands, else I have my neighbour now waiting in line to purchase the Motorola if Lenovo sells again (Bazinga!).