Dual screen YotaPhone 2 to arrive in America.

Dual screen Yota phone 2 could arrive on T-mobile


It was way back in 2014, when the new phone YotaPhone was launched in London event. This second generation smartphone had the unique feature of the AMOLED screen on the front and the second e-paper screen on the rear side of the phone. The latest release mentions that YotaPhone 2 is intended to be launched in America via Indiegogo. Those customers who will order this new phone in advance shall get the dual screen YotaPhone 2 for $ 500, in addition to the cost the early birds customers buying the phone shall get an additional 3 months subscription to BookMate and Yota Bumper case. In addition to this there was an added offer that the Yota wireless Power Bank shall be available to the buyers for only $ 50 in the Indiegogo campaign.


This makes the intention of the company Yota clear, they have finally planned to bring this new dual screen Yotaphone 2 to the U.S.A The Managing Director of Yota, Matthew Kelly was quite enthusiastic about the campaign of launching the phone in the U.S.A Much earlier Yota had revealed about their plans of bringing the new YotaPhone 2 through American carrier. Android Authority had declared that the sources had claimed that YotaPhone 2 will reach T-Mobile. The most likely choice for Yota is T-Mobile, mainly because T-Mobile has always supported odd phones on its network.