Dual boot Nokia Android and Windows is it possible


We all know Nokia is already to launch the next series of Nokia X called as Nokia X2. Nokia X2 has lot to offer also the company has changed the user interface as per the User reviews and have added home-screen button with their back button. As per the news, Nokia is said to launch this device with a dual boot service. A dual boot device means you can use two OS windows and android on same device same which used on our PC or Laptops with Linux and Windows. There were many such tries to develop such kind of environment by all the leading stars but have never succeeded. This news of dual boot has made users/customers crazy and an eagerness is seen amongst them. This news shouldna��t be considered unless we actually see or Nokia says so.

Nokia X

Why such a rumour cana��t be credible?

Earlier both the owners of windows and android have announced not to shake hands and work as a team to get such a common platform for the device market.

As Nokia is now owned by Microsoft its grateful to still have Nokia X range because it will decrease the need of Microsofta��s windows OS for phones. This will also make sure that user use more of Microsoft services instead of Google play services.

There are many technical issues faced with respect to hardware support. The device hardware as for now isna��t capable enough to have such a OS changeover as per user will.

If this hardware issues works out we as user will be left with no internal memory for our use as both the OS will require to be in the internal memory thus this will cause device to lag and then in turn lead to device getting hang.

What actually can be possible?

This rumour is too good to be true but the thing thata��s possible is Microsoft OS allows Google play services to work on its devices i.e. The OS will be compatible with the android (.apk) files on your nokia device.

Blackberry owners incorporate this method where it allows user to install android application on their blackberry devices that possess Blackberry 10.0 OS and above. In this, the system interface and all the facilities are as per the blackberry but they have made android application compatibility with their market to let more and more user switch to blackberry lighter and newer OS.


This dual boot news is definitely a no go as in for now but as the technology is advancing, so are the need we never now a common user platform arises one day that will allow all types of OS to work within selves without any change over or any other software or hardware issues. If this doesna��t work OS developers have to work out some crossover software like blackberry did for user to keep them engage in their devices.