Customize your smartphone: Google Project Ara details emerge


Google is trying to change the way we think of our smartphone. They are working on very unique concept for smartphones. It is known as Project Ara smartphone. Project Ara is in news from last many days and now we can expect that it could appear in this month as a working prototype. Project Ara Developer Conference is to be held on April 15-16 and it is expected that Project Ara will get its first public show in that conference. Project Ara smartphone is completely module based smartphone. You have to assemble all its parts together and use your smartphone. Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP) is developing its parts.

Google Ara project 2

With this new design of modular smartphone, we will get a completely new open hardware platform. If you want to upgrade your smartphone then you can simply swap out that particular hardware module and swap in another one. So upgrading your smartphone will be very simple and similar to upgrading your desktop computer. Google Project Ara smartphone’s prototype will be shown with memory modules, battery modules and processor modules. There are also modules including night photography add-on and a module that can read blood oxygen level.

Main motive behind Project Ara is to reduce upgrade cost. If you want to avail latest features in market then there is no need to buy a new smartphone. You can simply swap in new hardware and your phone will be upgraded. If you want to share anything about Google Project Ara smartphone then please post that below in comments.