Custom Roms for Android M in the works


Android Auto, an app which has the potentials of semi-walled garden. Yes! The Android App is a safe ecosystem on your device which the can interact with car. Now-a-days, it seems like apps are exploring a unique dimension through Smartphones. This Android Auto is different app, where users have to get accustomed to its modular and open nature, while the OS finds the prime unit or say head unit a bit limiting.

android 4

The Pioneer AVIC units were able to install modded versions and security stripped of Android Auto, aftermarkets on their head units. The AVIC Development Mod modifies its working pattern of SD Card on head unit, resulting it compatible to boot, as an alternative for factory software. This modification not only change themes, or change the UI, but also opens the door. With this one can also access to the features like Wifi or Bluetooth. To check on over all aspects of the device, there is a huge win for users. As the hardware offers more than originally it was intended to offer. The app ends working smoothly on all devices. This can be considered as a good news or a bad news, as it also increases the risk factor. If you are pointing at the risk, then it is unstable past 3rd party ROM which are cobbed together without contact to its source code.

It seems like concerned point with Jeep hijacking demo happening with Pioneer units. But these kits can be connected with Pioneer units and then with speakers. If you are planning to install by all yourself, then you will have to tolerate bundle of worries, while if you are appointing someone to get this done, then all the best!