Control your phone with a wave of your hand


Now your smartphone can be converted into the gesture-sensing device by simply installing some microphones and cheap transceiver into your phone. Elliptic labs made this thing possible for us. Elliptic Labs is a 6 years old company in the norway and they continue the new gesture technologies with this new invention. this technology makes use of the ultrasound for making control on your smartphone. There are some additional components which needs to be added inside the device to make this technology work. Transceiver is needed which emits a high-pitched sound. There should be 3 to 4 mics required which will hear the sound. It needs more mic because that will give better Elliptic coverage around the phone.

Elliptic’s ultrasound tech

Now lets see how it actually works. When you move your hand within 2 feet of phone then the mics that are used in phone captures the sound waves which are disrupted and with the help of the Elliptic software, it calculates that what is the position of hand and the gesture it makes. This is somewhat similar to the gesture-recognition with Wi-Fi that was previously commercialized by Elliptic’s. Apart from this, It has the same features like other phone. According to Bryhni, it is expected that the phones with this technology will be available by next year. For this, they are hunting for more and more developers who can develop the application to showcase the technology.