Confide App is like Snapchat for business, but without pictures


The word ‘Confide’ itself means to tell someone a secret and trust them that they will not share it with others. But when it comes to text messages then there are very high chance that the message get forwarded too some untrusted people. You may have experienced this thing. So, considering all these issues or we can say requirement of users, former AOL executive Jon Brod created the new Confide. Confide is a chatting application that is made for iOS. Specialty about this app is that it will erase the message as it is read from the receiver. So it is just like you whispered something to other person.



Again it is possible that someone can take the screenshot of the message and use that in some negative way. These is also a solution for this possibility. The app will only show a few words at one time and remaining message will be covered with orange sensor bar. To uncover that, user have to slide his finger across the screen. There is one limitation to this application and that is, it is not having image support and so you can only do text conversation with it.

This application is available to download on App store. If you want to experience a completely new and secure way for communication then download it now.