Class120 App will improve your kid’s attendance!


Are you frustrated or irritated with low attendance of your kid? Thinking hard how to motivate him/her to attend the classes and convince him/her get to the class? I’m sure on reading this post you will arrive with a solution and will be quite happy.
Class120 app will help you to come out of this annoying trouble? This application will notify you when your kid is not attending the class. Yes, as per the survey the only best thing to get success and improve student is make them obey the golden rule: Go to class! Obeying this rule will help them to be successful person very soon!

class 120 app

Surprised! Want to know how this Class201 app works? Well, the app Class201 works with help of Wi-Fi and GPS. You can track the campus when student enters his/her respective class as per calendar information. And, if student don’t show up to the location of class, a real message soon will be sent to parents Email-ID.
Imagine getting an Email something like this, “HI Charles M, Class201-was not able to detect Annie M in class today”. This is terrible! The more surprising part is with this app, School administrators can also be notified.
The application will soon be available. Class120 is expecting to cross more than 5,000 users around the country. Lynn University is first university, who will be soon implementing this application to improve student’s attendance and to monitor their program.

Not everyone will be happy to welcome this application, which keeps a virtual-eye, but definitely, the application sounds quiet interesting. Also many must have sighed a relief with this app.