Chinese company Xiaomi expands in Southeast Asia


The Chinese company Xiaomi has already established itself as makers of wide range of Android based smartphones. Xiaomi is also known to have its own group messaging app the name was Miliao, which is in Chinese language; the same in English name is MiTalk, a smaller competitor to Whatsapp and Wechat and many others.
In the year 2013 Xiaomi ventured out in overseas market and had their first foothold in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the first official sales outlet outside Mainland China, launching their mobile phones there. The co-founder and president of the company had then declared the plans to be in the worldwide launch, and in the beginning they have made their intentions pretty clear that in the year 2014 Xiaomi is scheduled to make entry in Singapore market, its first spot in the Southeast Asia markets. The company expects to add more countries from the Southeast Asian region in the near future.


The Vice president for Xiaomi global , Hugo Barra , has already announced in the Google+ update ,the intention of entry in Singapore market, though the details are still to be made public and shall be updated later. A facebook page is already live for a�? Xiaomi Singaporea�� The companya��s co-founder and President had also announced in one of his interview that Barra would be in charge of the project of worldwide push and has ambitious expansion plans.

Xiaomi, the Chinese phone maker company has entered into partnership with the Taiwanese company Mface. This venture shall help Xiaomi expand and push into the Southeast Asian markets. This expansion is also likely to promote their own group messaging app MiTalk Now This app, the MiTalk will also be helped with a push in the market across Southeast Asia .