China Mobile gives Apples iphone Sales a boost


Apple and state-owned carrier China Mobile are going to final a deal and after a long time, they have finally made their deal. The Wall Street Journal reported that this partnership from two companies is going beyond the carries offering iDevices in the country. China mobile phones have always provided more features in much less price as compared to other brands. There are many iPhone lovers but they cana��t afford the price for iphone and so China Mobile iPhone will be best for them.

Apple Logo

This partnership between Apple and china mobiles entails broad cooperation between the two companies. It seems weird that both the companies have not said anything about this but Tim Cook says he’s “incredibly optimistic” about the outcome. It is possible that they are working on some big promotional or retail opportunities so that they could catch up to china android market.

Anyway, We will keep our eyes open for any updated information about it while china iPhone start shipping. Pre-orders for China Mobile iPhones are in millions and so it would be interesting to see that how it satisfies users when put into actual use. By that time, please come up with your comments for China Mobile iPhone.