Camera shy Raspberry Pi2 stutters on Xenon Flash


A huge buzz wave was made by Raspberry Pi2. It’s all advance features under same budget is seriously amazing and quite impressive. Lot of buzz was only reason to dig, how Raspberry Pi2 can give all features at low price? Microsoft also climbed on board to get this with Windows 10 operating system.
Many tech update addicts are trying and dying to get an image of Raspberry Pi2. The climax starts over here! How will you react when you here device is camera shy? Well! It’s true. People who are trying to grab a picture of the device can’t get the needful thing. To put in straight words, the Raspberry Pi2 is Xenon flash sensitive. Camera with Xenon flash can make the device freeze for few seconds.

Raspberry Pi 2

A person reported this as ‘Camera shy’, but the Xenon flash makes the device hang for few seconds, then only solution left with you is rebooting. Take a note, LED flash makes no such damage, the issue is only encountered with Xenon flash. Photosensitive chip sounds weird! Hope the manufacturer looks into this issue to sort or minimize the problem. The reported issue is not new, it just lack quality of manufacturing as per the officials. The issue will be rectified in next batch.

Hope to get a new bold and smart device Raspberry Pi2!