Blackphone promises to be the first privacy-focused smartphone


The Spanish manufacturer Geeksphone has promised that they are going to launch a new device Blackphone in MWC (Mobile World Congress) which is to be held in next month and this new device from them will focus more on privacy and security rather than all the intrusions that smartphone users normally have to put up with from carriers, advertisers and occasional government agency. They have not provided any information on its release date or price till now.

No more snooping around,Blackphone says


They claimed that Blackphone will be a smartphone with Android operating system running and best processor. Its cellular module will be unlocked and so you can use any GSM network with your smartphone. They have placed skin called “PrivatOS” rather than carrier bloatware and can make and receive secure phone calls and text messages. Geeksphones Blackphone new phone will come with all the features that you wish and at the same time maintaining the privacy and security. You can also securely store your files and also access internet via an anonymous VPN. It has tools installed which will provide you all the things that you require. It is expected that they will start taking pre-orders in last week of January but there is no official confirmation for this.

Silent Circle in partnership with Geeksphone is making best hardware smartphone with privateOS, an Android operating system. In current smartphone industry, Blackphone is the first smartphone that has best privacy minds in the industry.