Better, Powerful tools to be available on Google Drive


There are many online file storage services available these days like Dropboxes, SkyDrives and iClouds and Google drive is one of such services. Google drive is already very famous but android users might not be much familiar with it. Drive is used by developers to make better applications. Google have recently introduced their new Drive Android API and this new API makes developers job even simpler. There are many features added into app but highlight feature is its transparent offline syncing. With transparent offline syncing, we will be able to use the cloud storage in the same way as we use Local storage.

Google Drive

It gives user better app experience. The best thing is that, it will low down the memory use on your phone as you can store massive data on the GDrive storage. Most of the times we dont have good connection but Google have also found a way to resolve this. Google Drive API shifts to storing the data locally until it has good enough reception to send it to servers. You dont need to do it manually, it will check the connection strength and data will be stored locally for that time. This new feature makes developers to build more enhanced, powerful application to deliver better user experience.

All these features will work with most of the android devices as Google has said that it will work on 98% of Android. Apart from this, it is also decreasing the application download size by integrating API with Google Play Services tightly. So there are very less updates needed down the road. Ita��s very good news for developers as they can make much better apps.