Apples unlocked iPhone 5s available in US, price start at $649


This time Apple has released an unlock GSM version of iPhone 5s. This unlocked version of iPhone 5s will have all features same as non-unlocked version. But there is minute difference between two. The unlocked version will not have a SIM card in it. Recently the unlocked version is only available in online store for the United States only. While these users need to get their GSM SIM to work on the iPhone to work across any network without any limitation across the globe. For people who are lot involved in traveling purposes, for them this option is worth choosing for. This iPhone option soon will be available on international markets too. The market reporters will surely compare this version with previous non-locked version.

iphone 5S

This iPhone 5S unlocked version shall be available in three different colors either in gray, gold or silver. The price of these models will vary from $649, $749 or $849 with a capacity of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. This requires nano-SIM. While the non-unlocked version came with pre-installed nano-SIM which just needed to be activated on T-mobile’s network. For unlocked version, a user needs to manually unlock the device to start using the product. While people choosing an AT&T / GSM model must note that is a slight difference as the device is tied to an AT&T contract at a complete price.

There is hardly any difference between unlocked version and non-unlocked version. The only difference is with unlocked version you can put desired SIM Card while with non-unlocked version the product comes with pre-install SIM. The model gets ship in 2-3 weeks from Apple’s online store.