Apples iPhone can be hacked even if its not jailbroken


It is very well known that the iPhone is safer than the Android as far as the hacking is concerned. Though the hackers are quite ill-talented to hack even the Apple’s operating system. The new security bug has proved it, the issue detected recently has huge potential for the hackers due to the way it operates.The newly known issue fools the iPhone to download a malicious app which appears similar to the actual app. This malicious app, then can be effectively used by the hackers for various functions without the knowledge of the owner of an iPhone.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

FireEye has told Business Insider that the app looks and performs exactly like the original app, but can have the ability to activate additional silent functions like keeping a watch on conversations and chats or upload personal data to the hacker controlled server.

There are similar fake apps already known to be replicating the other popular apps like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and other apps. However, one must know about the security threat that this acts with particular phishing email or message, and one has to click on this particular link in order to download the malicious app. The hackers manage to bypass the Apple’s security with this, when the iPhone is fooled into believing that it connects to App store.

Once installed, this malicious app can hijack all the communications used by the genuine apps and steal the info regarding the login details. The Masque attack has been found in info taken from the security firm’s Hacking Team, which is in the task of developing the surveillance for the Government agencies. Ironically the hackers have hacked the Hacking Team only to steal 400 GB data.

Though it is not known how many iPhone users are currently affected by this security bug, apparently the number is too small.