Apples iPhone 6 may get Liquidmetal touch


Apple iPhone 6 is one of the much awaited smartphones from Apple and there are many rumours about it. If we follow agreement that Apple signed with Liquidmetal Technologies then there is nothing more than iPhone 3G’s SIM card eject tool. According to the patent application of this week, few parts from ultra slim frame will be made with Liquidmetal. If we compare the durability and toughness of Liquidmetal with aluminum then it is much better.

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Other than this, MacRumors have also published a document and according to that apple is also planning to build buttons and switches with alloy. Alloy made a bad impressing in nits previous models and they are repeating the same thing again. Buy from most of roumers, it is suggested that iPhone 6 will utilize Liquidmetal and it will exchange the parts with aluminum. Liquidmetal is light in weight as compared to aluminum and using Liquidmetal extensively in iphone 6 will make it lighter and slimmer without any compromise in strength and build quality.

Two years back, one inventor of Liquidmetal told that Liquidmetal cases cannot be made available before mid 2014. It is possible to make use of it in small parts but not with big one. There is no word from apple about this but we expect that they will come with some latest and confirmed information about iphone 6.