Apples current handset design may change: Homebutton may vanish


Apple is already working on the project of revamping the design of their prestigious iPhone handset, though any such change will not be implemented during this year. The newly developed glass technology may be considered by Apple seriously for the redesign of iPhone. It was recently declared by Sonovation that it is possible to introduce the ultrasonic biometric sensors with the Gorilla Glass display, and yet maintain the capability of the device of reading usera��s fingerprints. Sonovation technology works with the Gorilla Glass displays, which are in a large variety of smartphones and tablets currently.

Appe iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

According to some reports even Apple is working on the technology to remove the Home button from most of their devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices. This very feature was sought by many users of the iPhone, and for Apple this would definitely a breakthrough innovation. Apple will have to first fix the Touch ID problem before getting rid of the Home button. If the fingerprint sensor is embedded in the Home button, the company will have to relocate the Touch ID or insert the same on the screen. As per the Apple patent the company is in the process of inserting the same on the iPhone screen.

Sonovation company spokesman has said that even if the fingers that are dirty or oily or wet the scanning of fingerprints are possible. This is expected to offer better performance than any competitors in the market. It is still not very clear how the new device with the fingerprint sensor will be like, but one thing for sure that in future the iPhones and Android phones will carry the fingerprint based feature, some of them carrying the Sonovationa��s sensor. Apple is set to introduce a�?S a�?generation of the iPhone this year, and this means that this model will be similar to the past model. The major redesigned model from Apple is expected only in 2016.