Apple Watch to have preloaded game called Letterpad


Befitting to its trend of including innovation in every gadget, the technology giant Apple is looking to stir the smart watch market with its all new a�?Apple Watcha��, which is expected to hit the market by the end of March 2015! With the latest smart watch, Apple has planned to take their wearable gadget beyond just being a device that tracks notifications and other activities.The new smart watch will come with a game called a�?Letterpada�� that can be played using its touch-sensitive screen. The game a�?Letterpada�� consists of a 3 X 3 grid of 9 letters that requires the player to form meaningful words from those letters related to a certain topic.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch to feature new Game Letterpad

The game is expected to come with pre-loaded 200 word puzzles at the time of launch and it is also expected to host a feature that will allow the players to create & share their own puzzles among the player community! This excellent compact game has been developed by NimbleBit and it is expected to come pre-loaded with the Apple Watch. Reports also mention that the a�?Letterpada�� will be available for other Apple gadgets such as iPhone and iPads. Considering the first look of the a�?Leterpada��, the game looks to be an ideal for the tiny screens of wearable gadgets! Now it will be interesting to see whether or not, the a�?Letterpada�� opens a whole new stream of the digital games designed exclusively for the wearable gadgets!