Apple Watch sales take a nose dive


Apple launched their new idea, wearable Watch in April with great fanfare. The watches were of different types the Apple sport watch, and the Edition Watch along with the routine watch. The new product instantly had met with thundering response and the unit wise sales soared rapidly to register strongly in the market. However, as per the recent reports from the market the Apple watch has lost its position and the sales of these watches have declined very heavily.

Apple Watch

The Slice Intelligence agency records and computes the sales activity by receipt of emails. They have reported that the market has shown a steep drop in sales of the Apple watches. As per their graphical representations the sale of the Watch have nose-dived, the sales which were to the tune of 200,000 units per day average at the launching period has dropped to meager 10000 units per day.

Further, it is also mentioned that almost 66% of the sales are of that of the low cost Sport model watch and the prestigious, luxurious model Apple Watch Edition with 18 a��karat has reduced quite heavily. The sales of Edition reported to be only 2000 units in past two months.Pre-orders of the Apple watches had begun from April 10 and the company had planned April 24 as the release date for the watches, more than one million unitsa�� orders were registered, but the company was unable to keep the dates of delivery and the customers had to wait too long and the watches made entry only in June.There is no authentic data regarding the sales figure from the company, and in such scenario it is still not very clear whether the product Apple Watch will also gain the same acclaim from the customers as the other products from the company like iPhone and the iPads.