Apple still dominates smartphone Market in USA


There is very tough competition in Smartphone market. The latest report states that Samsung and Apple are two brands those are leading the race. If we see result of last quarter of last year then Samsung and Apple together holding 60% of total market. In last quarter of 2012, it was 52% and so result clearly shows that both the companies are dominating other brands. If we see the individual report of Samsung and Apple then Apple is holding 42% of total market share. In 4th quarter of 2012 Apple was with 35% share and so they have gained a good improvement. Talking about Samsung, they have 26% of total market share which was 22% in 4th quarter of 2012.

Apple iPhone 5S

Lets take a look at other brands as well. LG has also gained a bit growth in its shares but that is still under 10% of total market shares. This is the report from NPD group and they have not mentioned that what is the involvement of Naxus devices from LG. But it can be considered that Nexus must be one of the reasons for this growth in LG shares. There is a sharp drop in total market shares in HTC but it is still better as compared to Blackberry. Blackberry’s shares in market are almost evaporated. Apple is leading the race and Samsung is a few steps behind of it.

It will now be interesting to see what strategy other brands will make to come on top and what will Apple and Samsung do to retain this position. US smartphone users have high data use and it is cleared from the report that the average data use per month went to 6.6 GB from 5.5 GB in 4th quarter of 2012. Almost 50% of smartphone users are using some music streaming application which was 40% earlier. Out of many music streaming services available, Pandora is most popular.