Apple reportedly testing unannounced smartwatch


Apple is working hard on its smartwatch. Though there is no announcement from Apple regarding this smartwatch but we have some leaked information on same. It was assumed that Apple’s first smartwatch will focus on health and fitness but Apple is also making a way to charge it with inductive, solar and motion charging technologies. We got to see inductive charging in some of the recent smartphones like Google Nexus 4 and Nokia Lumia 920. This is the first time that Apple is going to implement same technology into their new smartwatch which is very small in size as compared to those smartphones.

Apple’s Smartwatch is going to be the first smartwatch with such features into it. Let us try to understand working of it. Charging base generates electromagnetic field and this magnetic field is used by metal coil that converts it to real electricity and your gadget can be charged. Other than inductive charging, they are also experimenting with some otherways to charge Apple’s new gadget but feasibility of other methods are very less as compared to inductive charging.

Apple Logo

Apple’s Smartwatch will be Apple’s debut wearable, there are many people looking for it. We dont have any official information for Apples smartwatch till now but as it will be available, we will update this news with the same. By that time, please comment with your views regarding Apple’s new smartwatch.