Apple plans to release iPhone 6 in September cheaper than iPhone 5S


According to reports from Chinese media, 32 GB variant of iPhone 6 will be released at a cheaper rate than iPhone 5s. This could have meant that 16 GB variant of iPhone 6 will also be cheaper than 16 GB variant of iPhone 5s but this is not possible because reports are saying that there will be no 16 GB variant of iPhone 6. Apple Inc. has got the mindset of producing their Smartphonea��s little bigger in size and also little cheaper in price. These are the two factors which makes Smartphonea��s good especially in Indian market where Samsung has already spread its roots. It will be a challenge for Apple to make it possible.

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The exact date of release of iPhone 6 so far is known to be unveiled on 19th September 2014. It will be flaunting a 4.7 inch screen at a high pixel density of 441 ppi showing the clarity of its display. However rumors are saying that two differently sizes of iPhone 6 will be released one with 4.7 inch and other will have 5.5 inch display providing it at a higher price. This high resolution vibrant display will be crowned by using sapphire crystal glass. It will be water and oil resistant Smartphone will Applea��s famous oleo phobic coating. According to the studies, if Apple wants to land in competition with Smartphonea��s like Galaxy S5, LG G3, Lumia 930 having above 5 inch display, then Apple has to definitely release its 5.5 inch variant of iPhone 6. Its Quad core Apple A8 processor will be coupled with a 2 GB of RAM to give the mobile experience smoother than ever.

It will be launched with iOS 8 out of box and will be released in wide range of storage variants which include 16, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. Out of all these variants 16 GB variant is said to be discarded and will not be released. Ita��s 8 MP primary camera will be compatible with wide range of inbuilt camera features where optical image stabilization was also been rumored along with HDR photo and video, face detection, panorama, simultaneous video + image recording and a lot more features are to be exploited. It will be capturing 1080p high definition @ 60 fps. However the network and connectivity segment will be kept identical with the rest of the high end Smartphonea��s currently showing off in market. After creating a bunch of flat models by Apple like iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, this beast is reported to have a curved design at its edges. Besides being curved it is also being alleged to have much lighter weight than iPhone 5s and will be much slimmer than that. Just like iPhone 4, iPhone 6 will also have its secondary camera on the left side. However, there is no information about the quality of its secondary camera. Many things are unknown and a lot of things have been explored but the clear image of iPhone 6 will be before our eyes in the month of September, however the date of release varies from different sources.