Apple may be building a mobile payment service


Currently there are many of the mobile payment systems available through which you can purchase goods and services with your iPhone. But there is news that Apple is heading towards setting up its own mobile payment service. They are in the process to make a branded mobile payment solution for their iDevices. All these information is revealed with the report from Wall Street Journal. With this new service, Apple customers will not only be able to buy all kind if products and services from Apple but also those which are not in their own store.

Apple Logo

According to various sources, it is also found that Jennifer Bailey, longtime executive is being shifted for a new role in company. Her new job is to make a payment business. Jennifer Bailey was formerly running Applea��s online stores. There are more than 575 million registered users with Apple iTunes stores and Apple need to bring them all in its new mobile payment service. Out of these 575 million users, more than 530 million users are iphone and ipad users.

There is no official information about mobile payment service from Apple and they have also not commented anything regarding the rumors but Apple is researching on mobile payments from a few years and so there are strong chances that Apple mobile payment service will be implemented soon. It will be interesting to see that how users will like it. If you have anything to say on it then please do comment below.