Apple iPhone 6S with 16 GB is it worth Buying


The flagship smartphone from Apple, iPhone 6 Plus launched in 2014 was a device with 16 GB memory was not sufficient and there were constant reports of the memory being low. Though there were not many apps being used there were constant and regular reminders about the inadequacy of storage space. The new smartphone from Apple to be unveiled in 2016 is expected to be with much higher storage capacity and the company is luring customers to buy smartphone variants with 64 GB or 128 GB capacity iPhones.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

The news about the new iOS 9 which is expected to be released in September will be better with optimizing the memory of the devices. However the company cannot do much about the apps that are built-in. There is a large group of people who might opt for the new device, the 16 GB iPhone 6 S or the 6S Plus. Those who are not playing the games on mobile or are not using many apps. They are simply interested in the latest and faster device from Apple liking the speed or novelty associated with the new device. The bling factor may be worn out when the customers will know that there will be 32 GB variant, with another 64 GB addition possible with memory card.

The available variant would be with 64 GB memory capacity, which will be priced at $ 299 for iPhone 6 S and the iPhone 6 S Plus shall be priced at $ 399. The Mashable’s review, however mentions that the new iPhone 6 S shall be with just 16 GB memory capacity, this memory size is ridiculous. The customers will have to wait and watch.