Apple iPhone 6s and 6s plus price and release date in U.S


Apple had introduced its flagship models the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus in their latest event at San Francisco, spilling out its release date on the 25th of September. Both the phones have the same look like the previous iPhones except that the S series have an S logo at the back.

Apple iPhone 6S and 6s Plus price

iPhone 6s and 6s plus Price, release dates

We get to see the iPhone 6s in the colours rose gold, gold, silver and space grey, the A�on-contract costing starts from $199 for the 16GB model further moving up to $299 for 64GB and$399 for128GB. The iPhone s6 also has an A9 processor which is 70% faster than the other processors of apple, it also introduces a new feature 3D-Touch that is pressure sensitive and live photos.

iPhone 6s plus its almost the same in terms of colours and camera with the rare having 12MP and the front camera having 5MP, just the pricing differs, as the 16Gb model is priced $299, 64GB model is for $399 and 128GB for $499 ( prices on-contract). The 6s plus has a bit better specs in terms of screen, battery life and weight.

Further are the details of the non-contract plans for Apple iPhone 6s:-

  • iPhone 6s 16GB is for $650 (full retail)
  • iPhone 6s 64GB is for $750 (full retail)
  • iPhone 6s 128GB is for $850 (full retail)

Apple iPhone 6s plus:-

  • iPhone 6s Plus 16GB is for $750 (full retail)
  • iPhone 6s Plus 64GB is for $850 (full retail)
  • iPhone 6s Plus 128GB is for $950 (full retail)

The news that caught our attention is that this time Apple has started off with a rental plan of $32 a month where you can lease an iPhone along with an Apple Care+ warranty and after a year return it for a new model.