Apple iPhone 6 frame leaks looks sleeker


iPhone 5S is still in demand in market and now some photos of iPhone 6 is leaked on one Chinese social network Weibo. People are crazy about the iPhone series and this news makes them more excited about iphone 6 release. We cannot say anything about these images as there is no official information available for this news. So you can just take a look at these images but it is not sure that the final product will be the same. The photo that is leaked is having ultra thin design . If you have used the ipad Air then you will find that this has got somewhat similar design as ipad Air.


iphone 6

We cannot say anything for sure that when that can be release but looking at the earlier releases of iphone series, we can expect that it can be released on 6th September this year. Screen size can be 4.7 inches or 5 inches with a very thin frame of 6 mm. If you observe the body in photo leaked then you will find that it is wider and shorter as compared to the iPhone 5s.

It is in news that the Apple plan to make two next generation devices in this year. According to Bloomberg news, this new device will come with the 4.7 and 5.5 inches screen and will be launched in the market in second half of 2014. This will have a unique design as the display glass is curve downward and this will be very interesting to see how people like this new change. Other than the screen design and size, it will also have attractive specification. This can replace the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C from market.
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