Apple iPads may have stylus like Microsoft Surface


The report from Business Insider mentions that the Apple has worked for years on the project where the team has reportedly developed many different versions of stylus for their iPad device. Though the market has not seen Apple branded tablet stylus the company has tried on three to four types of stylus in the last four years of the project. The anonymous source is expectedly very close to the people working on this project, it is also mentioned that the team was not sure why the project has not succeeded yet.

Apple iPad Mini 3

The latest rumour in line was that Apple is making a stylus to make their iPad device handier. Analyst from KG Securities who has a good track record of predicting the moves of the company, has mentioned that Apple would deliver stylus for the larger screen iPad.

There are many projects going on in the company Apple, and many of them may not see positive results also, but the release of the stylus would express a different face for the company. Steve Jobs, Late CEO of Apple, was of the opinion that stylus were clunky and could be easily lost. He therefore disliked the concept of stylus.

But people have shown immense interest in using the iPad device with stylus shows that there is a good market for stylus for the iPad. Some of the leading competitors already are using stylus foe their device. Microsoft has a pen for its tablet computers meant for drawing and annotating documents. While Samsung has stylus in their Galaxy Note series of smartphones for this function.