Android M to offer better App and Privacy Control

Android M


Installing app might be quite easy for some, while at the same time it might be tedious to other people. Tedious this sounds a bit different. Yes, recently while installing the flashlight app I noticed, the app needed access to my contact list. Also the car service app asked to access my all files and photos. Then on installing such apps after a few days, the app pops with hidden price, for granting all access of the software. If you too are rolling with such situation of boring apps, then! Phew, the dullness has come to end.

android M

According to the Bloomberg report, Android’s next version will be loaded with more security. The Operating system will introduce more detail controls which will allow user to deny or grant permission while installing the app.The Android M- version which is expected to land under Google I/O developer, might grant the user to refute the consent of accessing certain data like contact, photos, documents or related data. If this piece of news is true, then there will be a big boost under privacy zone of Smartphone. But the surprising part is, Google, hasn’t commented on the change, but soon we will get more news on this, hoping so!