Android L will offer a better editing environment on Google Docs


After the announcement of brand new UI for Android L on Google I/O 2014 which is being called as the most major update of Android in history, Android L is announced to have a brand new highly updated Google Docs and Google Sheets. Just like Android L itself, Google Docs have also seen a biggest update in history. The drawback of running and editing Word documents on Android is over because Google Docs and Google Sheets together form a complete mini Office with almost every functionality added. Therea��s no more choking when it comes to running word documents even those uploaded on Google Drive. Besides reading, they are easily editable.

Android L


This update has got a lot more interesting and innovative tactics for you which includes few persistent icons in action panel, highly evolved floating document button, spellings And corrections can be checked much more accurately with its dictionary feature, drop down menu account selection, a clear distinction between word and doc files, create and edit word documents, can save document as PDF or word, etc. Actually Android has camouflaged the Material Design of Android L with Material Design of Google Docs, because if the operating system is getting a whole new design, then its applications obviously must be crafted with the same way.

Prior to this updating of Google Docs, In Google I/O 2014 Google had already announced the shutdown of Quick office which was giving them access to work on Microsoft Office files, since now they have got their own Docs boasted up, they have decided to demolish Quick Office. The Quick Office was purchased by Google in 2012 and is expectedly going to be removed soon from Play Store. Using Google Docs updated version gives the feel of robustness of Android L and the importance of material design. The extent of upgrading Google Docs has touched skies. The Google has focused in giving onscreen buttons a lively movement and altered their shadow depth, colour and sizes. A blue title bar is present for Google Docs while as green for Sheets. These two are clearly looking like siblings of Google L. The Android L developer preview wasna��t earlier able to install these two new updates due to a bug which has hopefully solved now and those lucky Nexus users are enjoying these evolutionary applications for Android world.

For the rest of the people, these applications arena��t available so far but on checking them out on Developer preview, ita��s quite clear that Google team has completed their work on them and will be available to us shortly. An advice to you is that instead of wandering for getting these applications from any unknown place, you should wait for official release on them on Play Store. The third party websites are full of risks so avoid risks and install everything in official for this is the giant step towards revolution for Android and its proud users.