Android Distribution chart: Jelly Bean Kit Kat still lead


I remember in school days, we used to have weekly report. You must be wondering how that is related to this post. But you will be bit amused to here this! Google has introduced monthly update for their Android Developer Dashboard. They have presented concept of ‘Platform Version’ chart. The Platform Version is quite unique, this will tell how much Android market has scored and so? The data is received from Google Play Store.

Android 4 Kitkat

Jelly Bean Kit Kat still Lead

As per Android Distribution chart, Kitkat scores more. Yes, Kitkat is rising with 39.1% with its first version. While, three version of Jelly Bean too are leading ahead when piled up together. To total up, Jelly bean is installed in 46% of device. While Kitkat is growing more and more in coming days, and will rise so in coming months too.

To overview on the figures earned on different version, then Froyo version of Android have scored lowest around 0.4%. Google has noted that few Android versions which had scored less than 0.1% has not entered in this Platform Version chart. To be very precise, this is prime reason Lollipop version, have not entered into chart yet. Lollipop has not scored positive ranking on charts, also the sales of the Nexus 6 and the Nexus 9 are not breath-taking.

The interesting point in this chart distribution is, KitKat is not even a year old and has managed to gain well as compared to Lollipop version. This will give tough fight to latest Lollipop version.